UHV Counseling Center (UCC) Recovery Team

Team Leader: UCC Director
Alternate: Student Affairs Administrative Assistant/UUC Senior Secretary

File Security/Protection: If hurricane is projected to be at/above level 2, open and closed files will be moved to locked file cabinet highest cabinet by/near secretary’s desk and away from all windows.

  1. Computer Safety Protocols: Will follow IT plan and directions, as needed.        
  2. Equipment Needs:              
    1. Computer access                 
    2. Phone access                 
    3. Counseling-Center-in-a-Box
  3. Procedures for Existing Clients: In the event the University closes for an extended period of time due to hurricane or other reasons, existing clients will be divided into two tiers and the following apply:

    Tier One – Stable Clients     
    1. Call or email prior to university closing
    2. Inform client that counseling will resume when the University reopens
    3. Provide crisis phone numbers for the student to call if they go into crisis (e.g. UCC, Mental Health/Mental Retardation Mobile Crisis Unit, National Suicide Helpline, 911)
    4. Instruct client to be sure meds are refilled so no lapse in medication occurs/li>

    Tier Two – At-Risk Clients
    1. Follow all procedures listed under Tier One
    2. Provide follow-up calls as indicated by the treatment plan to maintain stability and functioning
    3. If indicated by the treatment plan, provide the personal cell phone number of the therapist/director to the client, other non-emergent number listed here as listed on business card               
      1. (956) 473-9548 (Aros’ cell)                 
      2. (361) 570-4186 (Office)