Appendix C5: Business Services Risk Analysis Profile

The Department of Business Services is one of seven departments that make up the Division of Administration and Finance. Major functions can be summarized as:

  1. Purchasing (central procurement)
  2. ProCard Services (more procurement services)
  3. Campus Safety and Risk Management
  4. Campus Security
  5. Mail and Shipping services
  6. Parking Administration
  7. Records Retention
  8. Contract Administration
  9. Bursar and Student Receivables Collections
  • Of the above tasks, those considered critical or potentially critical during an emergency interruption include Purchasing, ProCard Services, Campus Safety, and Campus Security. Contract Administration Services may be important depending on the nature of the emergency event.
  • Immediately following the business interruption, the following personnel would have to be on site or at the alternate location:
    • Director of Business Services
    • Safety & Risk Manager
    • Business Services Coordinator, (Sr. Secretary and Mail Clerk on call)
    • Purchasing Manager, (Purchasing staff on call)
    • Bursar Services are not expected to be immediately critical. Bursar and staff will be on call.
    • UHDPS – Security
  • Mail and Shipping services could be interrupted for up to ten days.
  • Parking, Records Retention is non-critical and could be phased in after 10 days.
  • Emergency Equipment Needs
    • Immediately following the business interruption, within three business days, the following equipment and supplies would be needed:
      1. Four (4) PCs or laptops with network and internet access or wireless capability
      2. Standard Office Supplies
      3. A minimal work area for four (4) people
      4. Seven (7) radios for in-house communications
  • In general, the impact of the business interruption in this department could have a critical effect on procurement activities and depending on the timing of the event, a critical affect on Bursar related activities. Other departmental tasks are not as time critical and it is reasonable to assume that there will be some flexibility in meeting functions normally handled by Business Services.