Appendix C4: Information Technology Risk Analysis Profile

The Department of Information Technology is one of several departments that make up the Division of Administration and Finance. Major functions can be summarized as:

  1. Network Support
  2. Applications Support, particularly email and file services
  3. Web Services Support for the UHV web-site and emergency notification system
  4. Telecommunication SupportPC Workstation Support
  5. Software Support
  6. Computer Lab Support
  7. Computer Lab Support
  • Of the above tasks, those considered critical during an emergency interruption include Network Support, Applications Support, particularly email and file services, Web Services Support for the UHV web-site and Telecommunication Support.
  • Immediately following the business interruption, the following personnel would have to be on site or at the alternate location:
    1. Senior Director of Information Technology
    2. Telecommunication Analyst (telephone, switchboard support and - access control)
    3. Network Planning and Development Manager (network infrastructure)
    4. Senior Systems Administrator (administration software)
    5. User Services Administrator (PC support, ITV and computer lab support)
    6. Web Services Manager (website management and PIER support)
  • Stable power and environmental support must be provided to the university server room (UC 203E) and the 2nd and 3rd floor wiring rooms in the University Center (UC 210 & 308) before any critical applications can be restored.
  • Critical applications that require availability within 24 hours are telephone service, local network access and UH network access (which provides access to PeopleSoft (Financial, HR, and Student Service) and the Internet).
  • Applications made available within 2 to 7 days will be file server (user file storage locations), and print server (network printers) and phone mail.
  • All other applications would be on a 30-day recovery plan. The changing of application recovery priority will be changed only upon agreement between the Sr. Director of Information Technology and the respective department Director.
  • Computers in the PC labs could be reallocated to provide temporary computer workstations for faculty and staff.
  • Assuming the University Center building is not damaged and Network accessibility is not compromised, temporary workstations would be arranged in the Center building for immediate access to telephones, the Internet and critical servers.

In general, there would be minimal interruption in IT services to all departments in this scenario. However, if the University Center building is damaged severely enough to force a new server and network/telephone connectivity location, the phone company would be called upon to establish a new location for termination of phone company service (demarc). Restoring network/telecommunication service would depend on the extent of the damage and how quickly the phone company and/or the data/telecom service companies are able to respond.