Appendix C13: School of Nursing Risk Analysis Profile

Department Functions/Tasks:

  1. Delivering courses via face-to-face and ITV modalities at the Victoria, Sugar Land, and Katy campuses and the Lone Star Community College at University Center in The Woodlands
  2. Delivering student services (degree planning, advising, etc.)
  3. Providing support for faculty teaching, research and service activities
  4. Maintaining communication with other university entities (Student services, Administration, HR, etc)
  5. Performing other administrative functions (budget, policy development, reports, record maintenance, etc.)
  6. Storage and distribution of antiviral medication with restricted access (See Antiviral Allocation, Distribution and Storage Plan)
  7. Maintain a paper copy of each course roster and a report (query) of all enrolled nursing students
  8. All faculty and staff should keep a paper copy of the SON emergency call procedures.

Critical Emergency Tasks:

  1. Delivery of courses
  2. Delivery of student services
  3. Storage and distribution of antiviral medication ( if applicable)

Important Emergency Tasks:

  1. Faculty support
  2. Communication with other university entities

Less Important Emergency Tasks:

Other administrative functions

Minimal Emergency Personnel:

  1. Dean
  2. Administrative Secretary

Minimal Emergency Equipment:

  1. Storage for antiviral medication (temperature controlled with restricted access)
  2. Telephones
  3. Computer (as soon as possible)
  4. Work area for 2 people
  5. Basic office supplies

Extended Time Needs:

  1. Alternate storage for antiviral medication if power outage lasts more than 24 hours.
  2. Off site teaching locations for classes would be needed if the emergency lasted more than one week.

General Emergency Impact:

Affects core function of the School and University including the delivery of courses and student support services.