Appendix C11: Student Affairs Risk Analysis Profile

The Division of Student Affairs consists of multiple units , including Admissions and Registrar/Student Records, Financial Aid, LEAD and Student Recruitment, Student Retention and Academic Success, Student Life and Services, and University Counseling Center.

Refer to each unit for the following:

Tasks considered critical, important and less important.

Minimal emergency personnel would include:

  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Directors
  • Administrative Assistant

Minimal emergency equipment for at least 3 staff would include

            •     3 computers w/network, Internet and PeopleSoft access
            •     1 printer, networked if possible
            •     Minimal work area for 3 people
            •     1 fax, doubling as copy machine
            •     2-way radio transmitters for in-house communication and/or 2 cell phones
            •     1 scanner
            •     Standard office supplies
            •     12th/20th class day or 4th/15th class day student rosters sorted by school and including student
                   phone numbers generated from PeopleSoft

The most critical impact would be in the areas of Admissions and Registrar/Student Records, (registration, room and course scheduling, transcript services, etc.) Financial Aid and the University Counseling Center. Other Student Affairs units’ functions are less time sensitive. Depending on the timing of the emergency, university enrollment could be impacted if critical areas like admissions and financial aid are not able to operate