Appendix C-1: Finance Risk Analysis Profile

The Department of Finance is one of six departments that make up the Division of Administration and Finance. Major functions can be summarized as follows:

  1. Cashiering
  2. Central Receiving
  3. Auditing Vouchers
  4. Accounts Payable Processing
  5. Travel Coordination
  6. State Accounting
  7. Financial Reporting
  8. Account Reconciliations
  9. Accounting Training
  10. Property Accounting

Of the above tasks, those considered critical during an emergency interruption include:

  1. Cashiering
  2. Central Receiving
  3. Auditing Vouchers
  4. Accounts Payable Processing

Immediately following the business interruption, the following personnel would have to be on site or at the alternate location:

  • Comptroller
  • General Accounting Manager (for auditing and processing emergency vouchers)
  • Senior Accounting Analyst (for receiving emergency goods)
  • Accounting Analyst (for receipt and safekeeping of funds received)

Travel Coordination, State Accounting, Financial Reporting, Account Reconciliations, Accounting Training and Property Accounting are considered non-critical for up to 10 days.

Emergency Equipment needs immediately following the business interruption, within three business days, the following equipment and supplies would be needed:

  1. Three (3) PC’s with network and internet access or wireless capability
  2. Standard Office Supplies
  3. Standard phone line or cell phone
  4. A minimal work area for 4 people

General Impact Statement

The impact of the business interruption in the Finance Department could have a critical effect on the safekeeping of funds, the accountability of funds received and the payment of vouchers, depending on the length of the interruption. Other department tasks are not as critical and can be handled with reasonable time constraints and considerations.