Business Services Recovery Team
(includes Campus Safety Operations)

Team Leader: Director of Business Services
Alternate: Safety & Risk Manager

  1. Purchasing Manager implements emergency purchasing strategies including:                
    1. authorizing the use of manual and verbal purchase orders
    2. increasing delegated departmental purchasing limits                     
      • Vice President for Administration and Finance or Director of Business Services approval required
    3. implementation of emergency purchase procedures to expedite immediate recovery needs.
  2. Business Services ProCard Administrator authorizes increased Procurement Card limits for key employee’s emergency purchases and increase total authorized university limits. (current monthly usage is $75,000, institutional credit limit is $800,000)
  3. Business Services Coordinator will determine the extent of damage to the University’s off-site hard copy records located at The Back Office, 1211 N. Laurent Street, Victoria, Texas.
  4. Business Services Coordinator will coordinate Mail Services with the U.S. Postal Service to pickup and distribute mail to the extent possible.
  5. Bursar will notify Higher One of any activities affecting Higher One processes (ex. ATM, file transfer interruptions, etc.)
  6. Safety & Risk Manager will arrange for additional security as required.  Contact UHDPS Security Officer Supervisor, UHDPS Parking Enforcement & Security Manager,, UHDPS Police Department, Victoria Police Department, Victoria County Sheriff’ Office, Victoria College Department of Police and Campus Security or a commercial security provider for necessary services.
  7. Safety & Risk Manager will establish contact with local authorities having jurisdiction and/or involvement in the event (Victoria Office of Emergency Management, Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), Victoria Fire Department, etc).
  8. Safety & Risk Manager is liaison with regulatory agencies (e.g., FEMA, EPA, Health Department, etc.).
  9. Safety & Risk Manager is the Campus Risk Management Liaison with University of Houston Environmental Health and Risk Management to report insurance claims and related investigations and damage assessments.