Athletic Department Recovery Team

Team Leader: Athletic Director
Alternate: Sr. Secretary

The University of Houston-Victoria Athletic Department Supervisor or a higher authority will provide instructions and guidance to staff on how to proceed.

Tasks and solutions could include, but are not limited to, any of the following:       

  1. As much as possible, recover and repair any lost or damaged records or data.        
  2. Restore computer files from backup as needed.
  3. Use telecommuting options if necessary.
  4. If internet is not available, use hard-copy forms for registering students, issuing receipts, and other business operations.
  5. Keep copies of phone lists, this policy/procedure document, your desk manual, and important forms at home.
  6. Keep recent backups of your computer files at home.
  7. Be prepared to telecommute if you have the ability to do so and your own household is not affected.
  8. Function as liaison to The University of Houston-Victoria Athletic Department and Compliance Officer.
  9. Select and implement options from the business continuity plan depending on the nature of the incident and the resources available.

While the office is closed all employees should check in daily with the Supervisor until instructed otherwise.