Definitions, Assumptions


Emergency Event - any unplanned event of magnitude that causes or has the potential to cause death or injury to students, faculty, and staff, extensive physical or environmental damage or other harm that disrupts normal operations and prevents the University from carrying out its mission.

Emergency Management   the dynamic process of mitigating, preparing for, responding to and recovering from an emergency within a defined time frame to minimize the effects of the emergency and amount of loss to the University.

Normalcy the resumption of full operational activities within a targeted timeline.


The plan is based upon the following assumptions:   

  1. Planning is current, having been reviewed, maintained and updated biennially or sooner, as required.
  2. Planned training exercises are being performed periodically.
  3. The emergency will be localized and all three sites are not likely to be affected at the same time due to their geographic location,
  4. Business recovery is performed in accordance with the procedures that have been set forth within this plan to the extent possible.
  5. Each department has maintained a current Risk Analysis and performed a minimal needs assessment for their department’s operations and critical functions.
  6. Each department supervisor and administrative assistant maintains both at home and at work, a current contact listing of all employees within the department.
  7. Each Recovery Team has current strategies in place for their role during the emergency and any weaknesses have been identified and addressed.
  8. Operations approaching normalcy can be resumed within some reasonable targeted timeline once the full effect of the event is known.
  9. Qualified personnel and key employees will be available to perform business recovery responsibilities.
  10. Adequate emergency funds will be available to supplement the University’s normal budgeted funds.
  11. Telecommunications and Information Technology backup and recovery strategies have been implemented, tested, and are operational.
  12. The recovery resource strategies and solutions (e.g. critical inventory and equipment, computer replacements, repair materials) will be available in the event of an emergency.
  13. Organizations external to the University, including the UH System, will be supportive during the business recovery period.