Academic Affairs Recovery Team

Team Leader: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Alternate: Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Recovery Team will minimally include the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Sr. Administrative Assistant, all Deans, Sr. Director of Libraries, Sr. Director of Information Technology, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Registrar.  This recovery team will     

  1. Make recommendations to the ERT to suspend, cancel, or reschedule classes disrupted as a result of the event and recommend emergency changes to the normal published student policies and procedures published in the catalog or current class schedule.       
  2. Notify all employees of schedule, policy, and/or procedure changes.
  3. Notify Student Affairs of class schedule changes as a result of an emergency event.
  4. Provide a listing of minimal space requirements necessary to conduct classes to be rescheduled at alternate sites, if necessary.
  5. Arranges for the printing of alternate and/or emergency class schedules as necessary.
  6. Create announcements for posting to the UHV website and/or Blackboard announcements page related to changes in the face-to-face and/or online course schedule and the availability of Blackboard and coordinate with IT to post this information


If the emergency event impacts a study abroad trip

The Academic Affairs Recovery Team will work with the academic school sponsoring the trip to   

  1. Monitor available news outlets and government communications in areas traveled by student abroad students
  2.  Make decisions about rescheduling or cancellation of study abroad trips and/or the necessity to return students currently abroad immediately to the US
  3. Communicate with IT to update study abroad website as necessary about the status of study abroad trips


The responsibility of maintaining current contact information for students, faculty, and staff participating in study abroad trip is delegated to the Dean’s Office in the school sponsoring the trip.  The Dean’s Office is also responsible for communicating with students regarding the status of study abroad trips that may be affected by emergency events.