Appendix C-27: Research Administration Risk Analysis Profile

Revised: June 6, 2012

Functions: Oversight responsibility for:

  • research and sponsored program activity;
  • responsible for all fiscal aspects of sponsored programs i.e. administration, planning, budgeting and expenditures.
  • communications and interactions with the awarding agencies; federal, state, and private.

Critical tasks:

  • Communications is the critical consideration for this office to be able to direct and coordinate activities in the event of an emergency.

Important tasks:

  • Ability to approve, sign off on requisite paperwork affecting purchases, salaries, etc.
  • By the end of a week some provision needs to be made for resuming program delivery. Communication with principal investigator(s) and awarding agencies is critical for program continuation.

Less Important Tasks:

  • All others

Minimal emergency personnel:

  • Research Administrator

Minimal emergency equipment and supplies

  • Computer, UHV network availability, telephone and E-mail access, if possible.

General impact:

  • A shut down of more than two weeks may impede award obligations and terminate funding.