Appendix C-25: Academic Center Risk Analysis Profile

Revised: June 6, 2012

Major Departmental Tasks:

The Academic Center is a part of the Division of Student Affairs and provides writing assistance, subject area tutoring, and testing to members of the University and alumni.

Major Functions:

  • Provide tutoring and testing services
  • Provide editing services to faculty
  • Provide testing services to students on Victoria campus and Sugar Land campuses.

Tasks Considered Important (during the first week):

  • Contact Educational Testing Service or National Evaluation Systems (if timing of emergency interferes with scheduled test administrations).
  • Provide Director of Marketing with information about test cancellations for press releases (if timing of emergency interferes with scheduled test administrations).

Tasks Considered Less Important (during the first month)

The other services the Academic Center offers can be reinstated within 30 days.

Minimal Personnel:

Academic Center Manager and Coordinator, Testing Coordinator

Minimal Equipment Needs:

  • Access to long distance phone service to contact testing organizations and tutors.
  • To resume tutoring, 2 PCs with Internet and network access
  • To resume testing, 3 PCs with network access
  • Network printer
  • Office space for 2 people and standard office supplies

General Impact Statement:

The impact of a business interruption on the Academic Center would result primarily from the disruption of services offered to students and faculty. In particular, scheduled state-mandated tests might be affected critically, requiring cancellation, postponement, or relocation. The Academic Center can be flexible in the way we resume tutoring and other testing services, requiring little more than space and 5 PCs on the Victoria campus.