Appendix C-21: School of Education and Human Development Risk Analysis Profile

Department Functions/Tasks:

The primary functions and tasks of the School of Education are the delivery of courses to students, the maintenance of student records, and the provision of student assistance in filing for certification examinations and certificates of completion.

Office clerical tasks are based on internal and external communication regarding University needs. Records, which are kept on adjunct teachers, travel, and payroll, are vital to the functioning of the School of Education and Human Development. Since many of our faculty lives outside of Victoria, the office staff is the direct line of communication regarding all School of Education and Human Development business.

Critical Needs and Equipment:

Communication with students, faculty and staff would be a critical need during an emergency. Since all of these groups travel to the University, the communication would have to be as immediate and comprehensive as possible. Assuming the University would have a communication base, the first need for communication would need to be accomplished by use of the primary media, such as radio and television. It is assumed that early in the emergency updates would be handled in the same manner.

If possible the protection of student records, certification files, and computer stored data would be considered a critical need.

The School of Education and Human Development does not have any scientific or laboratory experiments that would need to be isolated.

As soon as possible, the restoration of computing abilities from the University and from off campus sites would be considered highly desirable. This could require the use of generators.

Extended Time Needs:

If the emergency required an extended period of time, off site teaching centers, such as schools, churches, or community buildings would be required.