Appendix C-20: School of Arts and Sciences Risk Analysis Profile

The School of Arts and Sciences has 3 major functions:

  1. Teach Students
  2. Produce research
  3. Perform professional, community and institutional service

None of these functions is critical during an emergency interruption. No personnel from the school would have to be on site or at an alternative location.

The school would presume that communicationsto faculty, staff and particularly students would be the responsibility of a centralized communication officer or system. It would also presume that experts in such emergencies would handle the chemicals in the biology lab.

Biology Lab Risk Analysis Profile

  1. All critical Biology Lab equipment has now been linked to the emergency power supply
  2. All Biology Lab perishable items received during an emergency or during closure of the University may be delivered to an alternate site, either Dr. Richard Gunasekera, 361.649. 0330 or Dr. Siva Somasundaram, 361 648.3834. (Will require coordination with Finance Central Receiving personnel.)