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Study Abroad FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for scholarships? Your study abroad application also enters you for the Wu-Feng scholarship for international study. You may also apply for regular UHV scholarships by completing the e-form. Log onto e-forms at UHV eForms. The Wu-Feng scholarship for the program fee will be handled through the School of Business Administration Wu-Feng Center for International Business Education.
  2. Which MBA program course does this count as? This course counts as one of the four concentration courses and will count towards any concentration (not only management and general business).
  3. Which BBA course will this course count for on my degree plan? This course counts either as a business broadening course or to your concentration where one course outside your major is permitted.
  4. When do we know whether we have been accepted to the program? If you are a current student, eligible to enroll this summer, you will be accepted once your application has been received and your $250 deposit paid. Wu-Feng scholarship announcements will be made after the March 1 closing date.
  5. How does financial aid work and how is it different than the scholarship awarded? The financial aid office will determine your eligibility for financial aid and package your award for you to review and accept through your MyUHV account.
  6. Does the program fee include the airfare? Yes, the airfare is included in the $4,500 program fee. The airfare is a direct flight from Houston to Beijing on Air China CA996/CA995 a $1900 value.
  7. What is included in the program fee? The program fee covers the flight from Houston-Beijing-Houston, all travel and 14 nights of accommodation in China as well as most meals and all planned excursions and admission fees.
  8. How much is the visa? The visa fee is $140 although check with the embassy for changes. Students will apply for their visa and will need to visit the embassy in Houston in June to obtain their visa. For more details click:
  9. Do I still have to pay UHV tuition? Yes, UHV tuition is also charged and the payment date for tuition is June 7th.
  10. When does all of this have to be paid? Here are the payment deadlines:
    1. Deposit $250.00 pay this within 7 days of applying (This is a down liayment towards the program fee)
    2. $2,750 – pay program fee balance by May 1
    3. Visa fee: $140 – pay this in June when applying for Chinese visa
    4. ISIC student card: $27 – Pay this in June when applying for student id card and insurance
    5. UHV tuition and fees – pay this through your MyUHV account by June 7th
  11. Can I take another class online at the same time as this one in the summer? Yes, you are permitted to take one online course concurrently (suggest MGMT 6354 for MBA students and MGMT 4305 for BBA students). Please make your instructor aware you will be in China to make sure there are no deadline conflicts. For example seek permission to take your final exam once you return to the US. plan to take your own laptop with an ethernet cable connection (take the cable with you as well) rather than relying only on a wireless device. Internet speeds may be slower than in the US, so download as much course content before you go and work ahead.
  12. Are there any other grants, scholarships or other aid that I could apply for that would assist in the remaining $2750 balance? You can apply to financial aid and also complete a UHV scholarship application form in addition.
  13. It says flight check in is late Friday night. Are we leaving in the middle of the night? The flight departs at 1:00am on Saturday so the check in is at 10 p.m. on Friday July 15th. It’s a 15 hour direct flight arriving in Beijing at 5am local time on Sunday July 17th (you miss a day crossing the date line that you get back on the return). You return to Houston (IAH) at 15:40p on Sunday July 31.
  14. The rooms are double occupancy so who will I share with? Your roomie will be the same gender and will be another student in the program. Since we will have Chinese students who speak English, joining this program, your roomie may be a native Chinese person. Rooms will have an ensuite bathroom. You can nominate a roomie on your application form if you have a student friend who also plans to be in the program