Master of Science in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Online

Mission and Objectives

Economic development is achieved by starting, growing, and attracting business to a region. By combining traditional economic development and entrepreneurship, the Master of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship program will offer students a complete understanding of the economic development process. No other program in the United States combines equally the disciplines of economic development and entrepreneurship to provide the student a holistic view of economic growth, making this program an excellent choice for:

  • prospective and early-stage business, social, or self-employed entrepreneurs;
  • mid-career, prospective, and early-stage economic development professionals;
  • prospective entrepreneurs;
  • mid-career and displaced adults seeking career changes; and
  • early-stage and mid-career corporate managers seeking entrepreneurial solutions to firm growth.

The Master of Science in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship will provide students with the knowledge and skills required for success as economic development professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs, or social entrepreneurs by integrating economic development and entrepreneurship to improve the quality of life in the globally competitive and dynamic world.

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