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GMAT Waiver Policy

Under certain circumstances, applicants to graduate business programs may request a waiver for the GMAT when applying for initial admission, or when attempting to progress from temporary graduate admission to conditional or full admission. The School of Business Administration will consider, on a case-by-case basis, GMAT waiver requests from applicants who fall into one of the following categories:

  • The applicant has completed a graduate or professional degree (i.e., a degree beyond a four-year baccalaureate degree) from an accredited college or university; OR
  • For GRE taken before August 1, 2011: The applicant has a current GRE score (less than 5 years old) of 900 or higher (verbal and quantitative sections combined); OR
  • For GRE taken after August 1, 2011: The applicant has a current GRE score (less than 5 years old) of 292 or higher (verbal and quantitative sections combined); OR
  • The applicant (i) has an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher AND (ii) has at least two years of relevant professional and/or management/supervisory experience AND (iii) writes a letter of application outlining career goals and objectives AND (iv) earns a B or better in EDEN 6356 and EDEN 6352.

A GMAT waiver is not automatic for any applicant. To request a GMAT waiver, the applicant must submit the following materials to the School of Business Administration:

  • A brief written request outlining the reasons why the SBA should grant a GMAT waiver (including career goals and objectives) and indicating which of the above waiver categories applies.
  • Copies of all academic transcripts for work completed at any college or university attended. The applicant may submit unofficial transcripts for consideration, but any unofficial copies must be followed by official transcripts submitted with the formal application.
  • A current professional resume.
  • Any other information the applicant wishes to submit in support of the request (e.g., letter from supervisor explaining the applicant's job duties, performance, and potential, or letters of recommendation).

For questions about this policy, please contact your SBA advisor.

Appeal Form for requesting a GMAT waiver.
(Note: It is recommended that you open this page/load the appeal form through Internet Explorer, as it may not display in Firefox. If using Firefox, you may need to select the "open with a different viewer" option and save the file.)

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School of Business Administration staff advisors assist with developing degree plans and are available to assist students with selecting courses each term. However, under University policy, they are not responsible for checking to see that students have met degree requirements. Students are responsible for meeting the degree requirements specified in their catalog and degree plan.