Master of Science in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Online

Degree Requirements

MS-EDE Required Courses
  • EDEN 6350  Introduction to Economic Development and Entrepreneurship
  • EDEN 6351  Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • EDEN 6352  Developing the Business Plan
  • EDEN 6353  Nurturing and Growing the Fledgling Venture
  • EDEN 6354  Growing the Successful Venture
  • EDEN 6355  Economic Development and Entrepreneurial Finance
  • EDEN 6356  Methods in Economic Development
  • EDEN 6357  The Practice of Local Economic Development
  • EDEN 6358  Theory and Practice of Regional Economic Development
  • EDEN 6359  Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Project
MS-EDE Electives
  • Economic Development/Entrepreneurship Electives (6 hours)  

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School of Business Administration staff advisors assist with developing degree plans and are available to assist students with selecting courses each term. However, under University policy, they are not responsible for checking to see that students have met degree requirements. Students are responsible for meeting the degree requirements specified in their catalog and degree plan.