Master of Science in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Online

Accounting Courses

ACCT 6300 Selected Topics in Accounting
Cr. 3. (3-0) ACCT 6351
ACCT 6351 Financial Reporting and Analysis
Cr. 3. (3-0) Graduate standing required for enrollment
As a result of this course, students will be able to analyze and evaluate financial information with respect to profitability and risk of a firm.
ACCT 6352 Strategic Cost Management
Cr. 3. (3-0) ACCT 6351
This course emphasizes the integration of cost analysis and strategic analysis. Coverage includes activity-based costing, target costing, value chain analysis, performance measurement matrices (e.g., balanced scorecard), strategic positioning, and product life cycle costing and management.
ACCT 6377 International Accounting
Cr. 3. (3-0) ACCT 6351
Discussion of how basic U.S. accounting rules and financial statement analysis differ from accounting practices in other countries; problems associated with using financial statement analysis for investing decisions; diversity of financial accounting reporting and disclosure practices worldwide; multinational consolidations; foreign currency translation; accounting information systems in the international arena; multinational performance evaluation; transfer pricing; international taxation; and emerging issues in international accounting.

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