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Fall 2003 MBA Conference Winners

Fall 2003 MBA Conference Winners Announced

1st place team
From left: Tiffani J. Jackson, Betty J. Koteras, Johnny Hong Jiang, and Professor Jifu Wang.

The University of Houston-Victoria School of Business Administration is pleased to announce the winning team from the Fall 2003 MBA Case Competition held on Saturday, December 6, 2003 at the Houston Hilton Southwest in Houston, Texas.

The first place team included Tiffani J. Jackson, Johnny Hong Jiang, and Betty J. Koteras.

Team rankings were based on a combination of the presentation scores and written case evaluations. The group was honored at a reception, and will also be welcomed back to future MBA Conferences as panelists.

The MBA Conference, introduced this year as part of the MBA curriculum revision, is the culmination of the MBA program. Students enrolled in Seminar in Strategic Management, the capstone course of the program, attend the event, which includes a luncheon in their honor.

Central to the MBA Conference is the case competition, which provides MBA students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the MBA program to real-world business situations. Teams participating in the competition this fall prepared original business case analyses on the company P.F. Chang's, a restaurant which promises "a unique combination of Chinese cuisine, attentive service, wine, and tempting desserts all served in a stylish, high-energy bistro." The teams are evaluated on several criteria, including organization, subject knowledge, quality and use of visual aids, audience interaction, elocution, and teamwork. Because such a large proportion of UHV’s MBA enrollment is now online, students often work in virtual teams, and the MBA Conference represents their first opportunity to meet their classmates. Participants report that the case preparation and presentation experience and the chance to interact with faculty and fellow students make this event worthwhile.

Many UHV School of Business Administration faculty served as panelists for the case competition.