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Foundation Course Waiver Policy

Foundation courses may be waived at the discretion of the School of Business Administration on the basis of: (1) an equivalent undergraduate course or sequence of courses completed within the past five years, with a grade or sequence of grades of B or better; or (2) completion of a full undergraduate major in that field within the past five years. Preference will be given to waiver candidates who have completed equivalent courses or majors at AACSB-accredited institutions. Prospective students may submit their transcripts in advance to find out whether they are eligible for course-based waivers. The following table offers guidelines for waiving foundation courses:

Foundation CourseEquivalent Texas Common Course(s) or UHV Undergraduate Course(s)
MGMT 6351 - Management & Organizational Behavior MGMT 3303 and 4320
QMSC 6351 - Statistics and Research MethodBUSI 3303
MKTG 6352 - Strategic Marketing Management MKTG 3303
ACCT 6351 - Financial Reporting and Analysis ACCT 2301/2401 and 2302/2402
FINC 6352 - Financial Management FINC 3304
BUSI 6351 - Business & Society MGMT 3304 and 4308
ECON 6351 - Economics for Managers ECON 2301 and 2302
MGMT 6352 - Management Information Systems COSC 3325

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