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Graduate Self-Advising Guide

This table is a guide to help you plan your program and assist in registration. Courses listed in each block may be taken in any order; the blocks themselves should be completed in order with minimal overlap. Please refer to course descriptions for detailed prerequisite information.

A tentative long-term 2-Year Rotation of courses is available online. The rotation is tentative and is subject to change based on student demand and faculty availability.

Strategic MBAGlobal MBAMSEDE
Block 1 ECON 6351
ACCT 6351
MGMT 6351
QMSC 6351
BUS 6351
MGMT 6352
MKTG 6352
ECON 6351¹
ACCT 6351¹
MGMT 6351¹
QMSC 6351¹
BUS 6351¹
MGMT 6352¹
MKTG 6352¹
EDEN 6350
EDEN 6351
EDEN 6353
EDEN 6355
EDEN 6356
Block 2 FINC 6352
MGMT 6355
ACCT 6352
MGMT 6354
FINC 6352¹
MKTG 6377
ECON 6367
MGMT 6367
MGMT 6377
FINC 6367
EDEN 6352
EDEN 6354
EDEN 6357
EDEN 6358
Block 3 MGMT 6359 MGMT 6369 EDEN 6359
Concentration courses may be taken concurrently with block 1, 2, and 3 courses provided prerequisites have been fulfilled. Most concentration courses are offered no more than once each year; take your preferred courses at your first opportunity. Below are schedule recommendations by concentration.
Accounting ACCT 6351 is the minimum prerequisite for all ACCT concentration courses. Additional undergraduate prerequisites apply to most graduate accounting electives. MSEDE students may select one elective from Strategic MBA Block 1, and a second course from Strategic MBA Block 1 or from graduate courses in LDRS or NONP.
Economic Development Select EDEN 6350, EDEN 6355, EDEN 6356, and EDEN 6358. EDEN 6350 and EDEN 6356 are prerequisites for EDEN 6358. All EDEN courses are offered only online.
Entrepreneurship Select EDEN 6350, EDEN 6351, EDEN 6353, and one of the following: EDEN 6352 (prerequisite: EDEN 6351), EDEN 6354 (prerequisite: EDEN 6353), or EDEN 6355. All EDEN courses are offered only online.
Finance FINC 6352 is the prerequisite or corequisite for all FINC concentration courses. You should plan to take ACCT 6351, ECON 6351, QMSC 6351, and FINC 6352 as early as possible in your enrollment.
General Business Choose 4 business courses (beyond the core requirements) from the following areas: ACCT, ECON, EDEN, FINC, MGMT, or MKTG.
Management MGMT 6351 is the prerequisite for most MGMT concentration courses, so take it as early as possible in your enrollment. MGMT concentration courses are offered primarily online.
Marketing MKTG 6352 is the prerequisite for all MKTG concentration courses, so take it as early as possible in your enrollment. MKTG concentration courses are offered primarily online.

¹Unless waived based on recent coursework; see Global MBA Transfer Policies for more information.