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About the Program

The Master of Science in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship is a unique one-of-a-kind program in the United States that combines traditional economic development and entrepreneurship into one program. The program design is based on the reality that economies are built by starting new businesses, growing existing businesses, and attracting new businesses. Traditional economic development is about attracting new business and helping existing businesses grow. Entrepreneurship is about new firm birth and growth. The program integrates traditional economic development and entrepreneurship into a comprehensive model of overall economic development. The program is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, those who work with entrepreneurs and small businesses, and those involved in traditional economic development. With its 36-hour completely online curriculum, it may be completed part-time in 2 years from wherever you are. So what’s stopping you from getting started? Speak with our friendly advisors and get started in learning how to start and grow your own business as well as develop economies!

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