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Faculty Spotlight: Wei-Chih Chiang

Wei-Chih Chiang

Assistant Professor & 2013 Partnership Professor of Accounting

Phone: 832-600-0432


Wei-Chih Chiang

Dr. Wei-Chih Chiang earned his DBA in accounting from Louisiana Tech University. Prior to joining the University of Houston-Victoria he was an assistant professor of accounting at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas. His teaching and research interests are primarily in taxation. He has taught Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Financial Statement Analysis, Advanced Taxation, International Taxation, and Multi-Jurisdictional Taxation. Previously, Dr. Chiang was an attorney and practiced law in Taiwan.

Dr. Chiang has published several articles in academic journals including Managerial Finance, The Accounting Educators' Journal, Journal of Applied Business Research, and The Journal of Business and Accounting. He has also published numerous technical articles in leading professional journals including The CPA Journal, Journal of Accountancy, The Tax Adviser, Taxes- the Tax Magazine, and Practical Tax Strategies. Dr. Chiang's key research interests focus primarily in the field of taxes; most specifically on court case analysis, tax policy, and behavioral tax.

Dr. Chiang is an active member of The American Accounting Association and The American Taxation Association. Previously, he received a research award at the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines and a Best Paper award at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences. He was also selected to receive the Judith Liebman Award from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences.

Academic Background

  • D.B.A. - Louisiana Tech University, Accounting, 2008
  • M.S. - University of Texas at Dallas, Taxation, 2004
  • M.B.A. - Wayland Baptsit University, Accounting, 1995
  • B.S. - National TsingHua University, Physics, 1990

Courses Taught at UHV

  • ACCT 3303 - Financial Statement Analysis
  • ACCT 4311 - Principles of Federal Income Taxation
  • ACCT 6300 - Selected Topics in Accounting (Oil and Gas Accounting)
  • ACCT 6351 - Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • ACCT 6372 - Advanced Studies in Taxation

Selected Research

  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Kuang, Yingxu, Yang, Ziyun, (2015). Controversial Issues of the Knowledge Factor under the New Innocent Spouse Equitable Relief Rules CPA Journal
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', (2015). Legalize Marijuana for Federal Tax Purposes? Not until the Federal-State Conflict Resolved Practical Tax Strategies
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', (2015). New Innocent Spouse Equitable Relief Rules in Judicial Practice Tax Notes
  • Chiang, Danny, Dong, Xiaobo, Kalelkar, Rachana, (2014). Check-In Time for Hotel Property Tax Valuations Valuation Strategies
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Lee, Yong, Du, Jonathan, (2014). Judicial Guidance on Medical Marijuana Tax Issues Practical Tax Strategies
  • Chiang, Danny, Kalelkar, Rachana, Dong, Xiaobo, (2014). New Rules for Innocent Spouse Equitable Relief Journal Of Accountancy
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Stammerjohan, William, Englebrecht, Ted D. (2014). Pricing target NOLs in mergers and acquisitions from the participating firms' perspective Advances In Accounting
  • Kuang, Yingxu, Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Pierce, Karen, (2013). Analyzing the Profit Motive When Determining Gambler Status Practical Tax Strategies
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Du, Jonathan, (2013). Deductibility of Estate and Trust Costs under Proposed Regs Tax Notes
  • Dibbern, Nathan, Pilipenko, Larisa, Slivensky, Jennifer, Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', (2013). Deductibility of MBA Education Expenses CPA Journal
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Englebrecht, Ted, (2013). Distinguishing Debt from Equity: A Practical Assist CPA Journal
  • Pierce, Karen J. Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2013). Taxpayers' Perceptions and Gender Effects on the Innocent Spouse Equitable Relief Provisions Advances In Accounting Behavioral Research
  • Chiang, Danny Wei-Chih Du, Jonathan Jianjun (2013). The Debt-Equity Debate in the Castle Harbour Case Practical Tax Strategies
  • Di, Hui, Hanke, Steven, Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', (2012). A Censored Quantile Regression Analysis of Employee Stock Options Substitution for Debt and the Impact of SFAS 123R Managerial Finance
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Reed, Randy, (2012). Better Odds for Pro Gamblers' Business Deductions Journal Of Accountancy
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Englebrecht, Ted D. (2011). A Fact-Oriented Approach in Macro-Case Analysis: A Section 385 Illustration Journal Of Applied Business Research
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', Pierce, Karen J. (2011). Professional Gamblers Allowed Full Deductibility of Business Expenses Practical Tax Strategies
  • Ireland, Tiffany, Hearn, Nichole, Conway, Laura, Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', (2011). Using the Incentive Stock Option Qualification CPA Journal
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih, Di, Hui, Hanke, Steven, (2010). Debt or Equity Financing? Analyzing Relevant Factors Tax Adviser
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih 'Danny', (2010). Family Partnership Rules Applied in TIFD III-E Remand Journal Of Accountancy
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2010). Judicial Guidance for Trust Reformation under Code Section 2055(e)(3) CPA Journal
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih, Lee, Kuo-Hao, (2010). Judicial Guidance to Secure Debt Status Taxes--the Tax Magazine
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2009). Shifting the Burden of Proof to the IRS in Tax Court Practical Tax Strategies
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, Wang, Ying, (2008). An Empirical Assist for Management in Resolving the Debt versus Equity Dilemma Journal of Business and Accounting
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih, Englebrecht, Ted D. Phillips, Thomas, Wang, Ying, (2008). Readability of Financial Accounting Principles Textbooks Accounting Educators' Journal
  • Chiang, Wei-Chih, Hanke, Steven A. Englebrecht, Ted D. (2008). Strategize New Tax Environment for Investment Advisory Fees of Trust Practical Tax Strategies
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Pierce, Karen J. Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2007). Ignorance Is Better for Innocent Spouse Equitable Relief Practical Tax Strategies
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2007). Prop. Regs. Address Deductibility of Trust and Estate Costs Tax Adviser
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2007). S Corporation Shareholders-Workers and Employment Taxes Taxes--the Tax Magazine
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2007). Use a Business-Risk Perspective to Distinguish Debt from Equity Practical Tax Strategies
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, (2006). Formula Clause Coupled with Disclaimer Could Raise Estate Tax Practical Tax Strategies
  • Englebrecht, Ted D. Chiang, Wei-Chih, Wang, Ying, Anderson, Mary, (2006). Trusts Face Limit on Investment Advisory Fee Deduction Practical Tax Strategies

Honors and Achievements

  • 2007: Judith Liebman Award - Institute For Operations Research and Management Sciences