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Faculty Spotlight: Massoud Metghalchi

Massoud Metghalchi

Professor of Finance

Phone: 713- 975-7275 home

Room 107 George Building, SL


Massoud Metghalchi

Dr. Massoud Metghalchi received his undergraduate degree in France in 1971, and earned his MBA degree from Oklahoma City University in 1976. Dr. Metghalchi also earned a PhD from Oklahoma State University in 1981. In his dissertation he analyzed the costs and benefits of forming a monetary union in Europe and advocated the creation of the European Monetary Union. He accepted his first teaching job at the University of Hawaii-Hilo (UHH) in January 1982. Dr. Metghalchi taught Finance and Economics for four years at UHH and then moved out of the academic world and into the corporate sector by starting a consulting firm in Houston. He reentered the academic arena by accepting a teaching job as an assistant professor in the School of Business at UHV.

Dr. Metghalchi has focused his research primarily on interests related to the world's equity markets. He advocates active portfolio management and has been instrumental in the development and offering of technical analysis of stock and commodities courses at UHV; only a few universities in the world offer such a course. He has published many articles in several prestigious refereed journals including Multinational Business Review,International Review of Financial Analysis,Applied Financial Economics, and the Journal of Applied Business Research, Corporate Finance Review,Rivista Internationale Di Scienze Economiche e Commerciali , among others.

Dr. Metghalchi was the chair of the Accounting/Economics/Finance/QMS Department from 2002 to 2010. He recently was the recipient of UHV's Excellent Research Award. Dr. Metghalchi is married and lives in west Houston. In order to increase his productivity in teaching and research Dr. Metghalchi regularly plays tennis.

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. - Oklahoma State University, Economics, 1981
  • M.B.A. - Oklahoma City University, 1976
  • B.S. - Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees, 1971

Courses Taught at UHV

  • ECON 6351 - Economics for Managers
  • FINC 3304 - Business Finance
  • FINC 4320 - Investments Principles
  • FINC 6300 - Selected Topics in Finance (Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities)
  • FINC 6352 - Financial Management
  • FINC 6361 - Investments
  • FINC 6364 - Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

Selected Research

  • Metghalchi, Massoud, Kagochi, John, Hayes, Linda, (2014). Contrarian Technical Trading Rules: Evidence From Nairobi Stock Index Journal Of Applied Business Research
  • Metghalchi, Massoud, Pinho, Andriano, Sarmentoa, Adriana, (2014). The Efficiency of Emerging Capital Markets: the Case of Poland The Journal of Prediction Markets
  • Metghalchi, Massoud, Hajilee, Massomeh, Hayes, Linda, (2013). Market Efficiency and Profitability of Technical Trading Rules: Evidence from Vietnam The Journal of Prediction Markets
  • Massoud, Metghalchi, Garza-Gomez, Xavier, (2013). The Use of Technical Trading Rules to Predict Overall Stock Price Movements: A Study on Share Prices on the Irish Stock Exchange International Journal Of Management
  • Metghalchi, Massoud, Marcucci, Juri, Chang, Randy, (2012). Are moving average trading rules profitable? Evidence from the European stock markets Applied Economics
  • Metghalchi, Massoud, Chang, Y, Garza-Gomez, X, (2012). Technical Analysis of the Taiwanese Stock Market International Journal of Economics and Finance
  • Chen, Chien-Ping, Metghalchi, Massoud, (2012). Weak-Form Market Efficiency: Evidence from the Brazilian Stock Market International Journal of Economics and Finance
  • Chen, Chien-Ping, Metghalchi, Massoud, Garza-Gomez, Xavier, (2011). Technical Analysis of the Danish Stock Market Business Studies Journal
  • Metghalchi, Massoud, Chang, Randy, Du, Jonathan, (2011). Technical Trading Rules for NASDAQ Composite Index International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
  • Garza-Gomez, Xavier, Metghalchi, Massoud, (2011). The effects of financial modernization on market efficiency: The case of the Mexican Stock Market Investment Management and Financial Innovations
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