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Faculty Spotlight: Yixi Ning

Yixi Ning

Associate Professor of Finance

Phone: 281-275-8819

Brazos Hall 335 (Sugar Land)


Yixi Ning

Dr. Ning joined the School of Business Administration at the University of Houston-Victoria as an Assistant Professor of Finance in 2004 just after he received his PhD degree in Finance from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor of Finance in 2010.

Dr. Ning teaches courses in Financial Management (FINC 6352) and Financial Modeling (FINC 6363) at the graduate level, as well as Business Finance (FINC 3311) at the undergraduate level. His research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, investments, venture capital, and international finance. He has published more than ten research papers in high-quality academic and professional journals including The Financial Review,Journal of Financial Research,Journal of Empirical Finance,Journal of Applied Finance,Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance,Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of Investing, and Journal of Management and Governance. Additionally, Dr. Ning has published two book chapters in the New Developments in Banking and Finance published by Nova Science Publishers.

Dr. Ning has presented his research work in various national and international business and finance conferences including the Financial Management Association (FMA) Annual Meeting, the Eastern Finance Association (EFA) Annual Meeting, the Annual Meeting of Midwest Finance Association, and the Asian Finance Association Annual Meeting, and more. He is also a member of several academic associations, and has served as a conference session chair and reviewer of academic journals in his research field at several conferences.

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. - Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Finance, 2004
  • M.S. - Tsinghua University, Economics, 1997
  • B.E. - Tsinghua University, Automotive Engineering, 1994

Courses Taught at UHV

  • FINC 3304 - Business Finance
  • FINC 4325 - International Finance
  • FINC 4369 - Cases in Finance
  • FINC 6300 - Selected Topics in Finance
  • FINC 6352 - Financial Management
  • FINC 6363 - Financial Modeling
  • FINC 6367 - International Finance
  • IBUS 4331 - International Finance
  • QMSC 6351 - Statistics and Research Methods

Selected Research

  • Ning, Y., Wang, W., Yu, B., (2014). The Driving Forces of Venture Capital Investments Small Business Economics
  • Wang, W., Yu, B., Ning, Y., (2014). The Effects of Venture Capital on SME IPO Underpricing: Monitoring, Certification, or Market Power? Economic Review (In Chinese)
  • Wang, W., Yu, B., Ning, Y., (2013). Certification, Monitoring or Market Power? Effects of VC on IPO underpricing in China GEM Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (in Chinese)
  • Ning, Y., (2013). What Can the Departing Chief Executive Compensation Structure Tell Us? Corporate Ownership and Control
  • Ning, Yixi, Hu, X., Garza-Gomez, X., (2012). An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Large Changes in Institutional Ownership on CEO compensation Risk Journal of Economics and Finance
  • Wang, Hongxia, Sakr, Sameh, Ning, Yixi, Davidson, Wallace N. (2010). Board Composition after Mergers, Does the Market care? Journal Of Empirical Finance
  • Ning, Yixi, Davidson, W. N. Wang, J., (2010). Does Optimal Corporate Board Size Exist? An Empirical Analysis Journal of Applied Finance
  • Liu, Y., Ning, Y., Davidson, W. N. (2010). Earnings Management and the Pricing of New Debt Financial Review
  • Ning, Yixi, Metghalchi, Massoud, Du, Jonathan Jianjun (2009). Large Changes in Board Size, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value Corporate Ownership and Control
  • Jiraporn, P., Davidson, W., DaDalt, P., Ning, Y., (2009). Too Busy To Show Up? An Analysis of Directors' Absences Quarterly Review Of Economics And Finance
  • Wang, Jifu, Ning, Yixi, Zhao, Jinghua, Yu, Peng, (2009). Transformation of Chinese State-owned Enterprises: Challenges and Responses Multinational Business Review
  • Metghalchi, M., Du., J., Ning, Y., (2009). Validation of Moving Average Trading Rules: Evidence from Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan Multinational Business Review
  • Davidson, W., Ning, Y., Rakowski, D., ElSaid, E., (2008). The Antecedents of Simultaneous Appointments to CEO and Chair Journal of Management and Governance
  • Zhong, K., Cao, Y., Ning, Yixi, (2008). The Deregulatory Effects of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 on the Broadcasting Industry: Expectations vs. Reality Journal Of Accounting And Public Policy
  • Davidson, W., Xie, B., Xu, W., Ning, Yixi, (2007). The Influence of Executive Age, Career Horizon, Incentives, and Forced Departures on Pre-Turnover Earnings Management Journal of Management and Governance
  • Ning, Yixi, Davidson, Wallace N. Zhong, Ke, (2007). The Variability of Board Size Determinants: An Empirical Analysis Journal of Applied Finance
  • Jiraporn, P., Ning, Yixi, (2006). Dividend Policy, Shareholder Rights, and Corporate Governance Journal of Applied Finance