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Weekly Schedule for MGMT 4335 - 18487

MGMT 4335 - 18487 Summer 2014

Course Number MGMT 4335 - 18487
Course Title Project Management
Location Sugar Land
Course Day and Time TTH 7:00 PM—9:45 PM
Prerequisites MGMT 3303
Instructor Rupak Rauniar
Office Brazos Hall 314 (Sugar Land)
Office Hours Online at (enter as guest), Tuesdays (Victoria) from 6-7 pm; Fridays (Sugarland) from 10 am to 1 pm; or by appointments
Phone 832-842-3052

Weekly Class Schedule

Jun 31Class Introduction
Jun 51Chapter 1, Initiating a Project
Jun 102Chapter 2, Identifying and Selecting ProjectsCase Study 1: A Not-for-Profit Organization (ch 1)
Jun 122Chapter 3, Developing Project ProposalsCase Study 2: Transportation Improvements (ch 2)
Jun 173Chapter 4, Defining Scope, Quality, Responsibility, and Activity SequenceCase Study 3: Medical Information Systems (ch 3)
Jun 193Chapter 5, Developing the ScheduleCase Study 4: The Wedding (ch 4)
Jun 244Test 1
Jun 264Chapter 6, Resource Utilization
Jul 15Chapter 7, Determining Costs, Budget, and Earned ValueAppendix Microsoft Project, Pg 135 (Fig 4A.6)
Jul 35Chapter 8, Managing RiskAppendix Microsoft Project, Pg 198 (Fig 5A.10)
Jul 106Chapter 10, The Project ManagerAppendix Microsoft Project, Pg 272 (Fig 7A.8)
Jul 86Chapter 9, Closing the ProjectAppendix Microsoft Project, Pg 229 (Fig 6A.10)
Jul 157Test 2
Jul 177Chapter 11, The Project TeamCase Study 5: ICS, Inc. (ch 10)
Jul 228Chapter 12, Project Communication and Documentation
Jul 248Chapter 13, Project Management Organizational StructuresCase Study 6: New Team Member (ch 11)
Jul 299Article 1: Getting Most out of your Product Development Process; Article 2: Creating Project Plans to Focus Product Development
Jul 319HBR Case: The AtekPC Project Management Office
Aug 510Test 3