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Weekly Schedule for MGMT 6367 - 23220

MGMT 6367 - 23220 Spring 2014

Course Number MGMT 6367 - 23220
Course Title International Operations Management
Location Online
Prerequisites QMSC 6351 and MGMT 6352
Instructor Yan Qin
Office Brazos Hall 338 (Sugar Land)
Office Hours 4 pm to 6 pm Every Monday; or by appointment
Phone 832-842-2958
Faculty Homepage/URL
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Weekly Class Schedule

Jan 131Introduction to International Operations Management
Jan 202Global Sourcing
Jan 273Global Supply Chain Management I
Feb 034Global Supply Chain Management IIA1 Due
Feb 105Facility Layout
Feb 176Case StudyA2 Due
Feb 247Review for Mid-term Exam
Mar 097Mid-term Exam
Mar 108Spring Break
Mar 179Transportation Management I
Mar 2410Transportation Management II
Mar 3111Distribution Network
Apr 0712Facility NetworkA3 Due
Apr 1413Risk Management
Apr 2114Information ManagementA4 Due
Apr 2815Review for the Final Exam
May 0415Final Exam