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ACCT 4331 - 22752 Spring 2014

Course Number ACCT 4331 - 22752
Course Title Advanced Accounting
Location Sugar Land (ITV)
Course Day and Time T 7:00 PM—9:45 PM
Prerequisites ACCT 3313
Instructor Xiaobo Dong
Office Brazos Hall 309 (Sugar Land)
Office Hours Mon 6PM-7PM Cinco Ranch; Tues 6PM-7PM SL (or Victoria); Wed 3PM-4PM Virtual Office Hours; or by appointment
Phone 281-275-8837
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Weekly Class Schedule

1/141IntroductionChap 1No HW
1/212* equity method of accounting for investmentsChap 1Homework 1 (HW1); Group exercise 1 (GE1)
1/283* Consolidation of Financial InformationChap 2HW2; GE2
2/44*Consolidations Subsequent to AcquisitionChap 3HW3; GE3
2/115Consolidations Subsequent to AcquistionCh. 3 continuedHW4; GE4
2/186Consolidated F/Ss & Outside OwnershipCh.4HW5; GE5
2/257Consolidated F/Ss & Outside OwnershipChap 4 HW6; GE6
3/48statements -- intra-entity asset transactionsch. 5HW7; GE7
9Spring break
3/1810Midterm exam
3/2511* Consolidated F/S Ownership PatternsCh. 7HW8; GE 8
4/112* Consolidated F/S Ownership PatternsCh. 7, continuedHW 9; GE 9
4/813Segment and Interim Reporting Ch. 8HW 10; GE 10
4/1514Foreign Currency TransationsChap 9 HW 11; GE 11
4/2215Foreign Currency TransationsCh 9 continuedHW 12; GE 12
4/2916* Translation of Foreign Currency F/Sch. 10HW 13; GE 13
5/617Final exam