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Textbook(s) for ECON 2301-22417

Course information for ECON 2301-22417
SemesterSpring 2014
Course NumberECON 2301-22417
Course TitlePrinciples of Economics I
Course Day and TimeMW 10:00 AM-11:15 AM
PrerequisitesTSI complete in Mathematics, or grade of C or better in MATH 1300; and TSI complete in Reading, or grade of C or better in ENGL 1300
InstructorDr. Yong U, Glasure
OfficeUniversity North 212D (Victoria)

Textbook Information

Paul Krugman and Robin Wells, Macroeconomics, 3rd ed., Worth, ISBN 1429283432(Required)

Information on Buying Textbooks

The Victoria College Bookstore carries textbooks for all UHV SBA courses.

Students may use the publishing information posted above to order their textbooks from their favorite book vendor. However, before doing so you should find out what your vendor's anticipated shipping time is, and what their return policy is. Also, you should not write in or remove shrinkwrap from any textbook or materials you purchase from any vendor until the first class day in the event that

  • the vendor supplies you with the wrong edition of your text,
  • the course instructor is forced to make a late change to the required textbooks,
  • you are forced to make a last-minute change to your schedule due to missing prerequisites, or
  • your course is canceled due to low enrollment.

In addition, be aware that, on occasion, certain outside vendors may substitute an international version of a textbook for the version you have requested without notice. International versions of textbooks may be quite different from the editions we require.