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Capstone Project

Capstone Project Proposal Guidelines

Genreal Project Guidelines:

  • The student must submit the proposal on or before the proposal due date (December 15, 2015 for the spring 2016 semester) and have formal approval before registering for the course.
  • The student must devote a minimum of 130 hours to the project (excluding preparation time for the proposal). A time-log will be required.
  • Each project must have at least one, and preferably two people, other than the course instructor who will evaluate the student's performance. Therefore it is recommended that the student coordinate his/her project through a local agency, organizaiton, interest group, etc.
  • The student must submit a final project report. The format and due date will be provided on the course homepage after the semester begins

The student should use the following outline to prepare the proposal:

  1. Cover Page: see sample cover sheet
  2. Abstract (150 to 200 words maximum) - The abstract should include a brief description of the project, value to the community and expected outcomes.
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Section 1
    1. Description of the problem(s) to be addressed
    2. How your project will solve the problem(s).
    3. Specific expected outcomes
    4. Initial assumptions made about your project
    5. Project limitations
    6. Name, address and phone numbers of any agency, organization, etc. that the student will work with.
    7. Name(s) and brief biography of one person, and preferably two people. who will be able to evaluate the success of your project.
  5. Section 2 - Theoretical justification for the project. This should include a literature review to support the process, validity and value of your project (from one to two pages). For example, if you were doing a project to introduce entrepreneurship education into the public schools, this section would provide a literature review supporting why entrepreneurship education at the K-12 level is valuable to economic development and/or business creation.
  6. Section 3 - Procedures. This section should include a description of the projected major activities and activity timetable for completing the project. Following the introduction of entrepreneurship into K-12 education example, this section would indicate the major activities such as contact school superintendent, pick curriculum, train faculty, start a pilot class, etc.
  7. Section 4 - Evaluation. This section should include the specific measurable expected outcomes. In other words, specify how you will evaluate the success of your project. Continuing the above example outcomes such as school board approval for the education curricula and course offering, actually delivering a pilot class, etc. would be measures of outcomes
  8. References

Note: the content of the proposal should be single-spaced and proper citations included where appropriate. APA citation format is required. Please provide page numbers.