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Capstone Project

When the Master of Science in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship (MSEDE) program was designed by the team of practitioners and academics, the overall consensus was that the program should contain a hands-on project where the student could apply the knowledge and skills learned in the program. EDEN 6359 is designed to fulfill this objective

EDEN 6359 will require the student to complete a project that has an economic development focus, entrepreneurship focus, or both. The project will be selected by the student and should make a significant contribution to the economic or entrepreneurial well-being of his or her community. The project will require the student to utilize the skills and knowledge gained in the MSEDE program. Completing the project will require a minimum of 130 hours spread over the entire semester. Because the project is a semester-long, it is important that the student begin with a clear understanding of what is required to successfully complete the project. Consequently, the student must have a formal project proposal completed and approved by the course instructor before registering for the class.

The student is encouraged to contact and work with local economic development organizations, community leaders, non-profit organizations, business owners, government agencies etc. to solicit projects. The following list is presented to stimulate the student’s creative juices and is not intended to be the list that students must choose from. If you find something on the list, however, feel free to pursue preparing a proposal.

Examples of potential projects:

  • Establish an angel network for your community
  • Initiate entrepreneurship education in the schools in your community
  • Work with community leaders to establish an economic strategic plan (the actual plan would probably take longer than a semester to complete, but you could develop the process)
  • Work with bankers, foundations, community leaders to establish a micro-lending program
  • Establish an entrepreneur support network
  • Develop a business attraction marketing program for your community or neighborhood
  • Establish a program to encourage minority entrepreneurship
  • Participate in a business plan competition.
  • Start a business

To be eligible to register for EDEN 6359, the student must (1) be within 9 hours of completing the program (i.e. EDEN 6359 and two other courses) and (2) have his/her written proposal approved. If you have questions about the proposal, contact Dr. John Kagochi at Once your project proposal is approved, you will be manually enrolled in the EDEN 6359 course.