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Breeze Presenter Presenter Best Practices

Best Practices for Content Authors with Breeze Presenter
  1. Organize and plan the presentation in detail. Create a storyboard for the whole presentation, including key slide text, graphics and other visual elements, and notes.
  2. Slides should include key points, not paragraphs of text. Integrate visual elements that help to clarify points.
  3. Graphics should add value. Avoid using clipart.
  4. Use fonts consistently. Use sans-serif fonts for content displayed on the web.
  5. Keep the background simple and not distracting. Avoid background images as they will conflict with other graphics. If using a PowerPoint template, choose one that has minimal graphics.
  6. Write your narration script using the Notes area in PowerPoint. Write as if you were speaking in person with the viewer. Your narration should match the script as closely as possible because this becomes your transcript. Edit your notes if they sound too formal or are difficult to understand.
  7. Practice your narration until you're comfortable with both the pace and content.
  8. Record your narration slide-by-slide. You can re-record as often as desired.
  9. Make a conscious effort to slow your pace. You want the narration to sound conversational, not read.
  10. Be creative. Add short clips of recorded interviews, testimonials, or other activities that will add impact and value to your content.