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Breeze Resources

Adobe Breeze (formerly Macromedia Breeze) is a set of tools for creating web content and facilitating online conferencing and collaboration. Faculty and staff can use Breeze to create web content and conduct online meetings or presentations. Students can view Breeze content developed for their courses and participate in online Breeze meetings or web conferences.

Adobe Acrobat Connect (formerly Breeze Meeting)

A virtual meeting room that facilitates web conferencing and collaboration. The Adobe Acrobat Connect meeting room is an online application that you join by navigating to a specific URL with your browser. In the meeting room, presenters can chare presentations, images, and desktop applications with remote participants and use features like text chat, polling, digital whiteboard, and audio/video broadcasting. To attend an Adobe Acrobat Connect meeting, participants need only an internet connection and a compatible web browser with Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed. For more details, please visit the navigation links to the left.

Adobe Presenter (formerly Breeze Presenter)

A software tool that enables you to enhance PowerPoint content for online, on-demand delivery. Adobe Presenter is a software plug-in integrated directly in Microsoft PowerPoint, providing an easy way to record and edit narration, integrate quiz or survey questions, embed Flash content and customize the presentation viewer. Adobe Presenter content can then be published to the web or to your local computer for uploading into your WebCT course.