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Graduate Programs: Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences

UHV currently has three tracks in our 36 hr. MS Biomedical Sciences – Professional Science program.

Biomedical Science is the application of biological sciences to medical use, be it research, diagnostics, health monitoring or treatment. As medicine and healthcare becomes increasingly sophisticated, the demand grows for highly skilled biomedical scientists capable of innovating, performing and analyzing a battery of scientific procedures to diagnose, screen, maintain and improve human health. This degree concentration further prepares the pre-health professional (pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pharm) student to obtain entry into health professional schools.

Degree Plan

Sample of courses offered in the Biomedical Science Concentration:

BIMS 6341: Molecular Biology of the Cell

BIOL 6333 Advanced Cell Biology and Proteomics

BIOL 6330 Comparative Genomics

BIOL 6335 Applications for Bioinformatics


Forensic Science is a growing field in the scientific community and there is a great need of trained analyst/scientists in the field. Research shows that there is a shortage in crime analyst in the nation, particularly in the state of Texas. UHV has a strong Biology program including state of the art molecular genetics (DNA) labs.

Degree Plan

Sample of courses offered in the Forensic Science Concentration:

FORS 6330 Forensic Biology & Criminalistics

FORS 6300 Forensic Anthropology & Anatomy

FORS 6300 Forensic Science and the Law

FORS 6300 Advanced Forensic Science Survey


Biological Sciences is general to give the opportunity for pre-health professionals (pre-med/dental/vet) taking admissions tests for medical/dental colleges.

Degree Plan

Sample of courses offered in the Biological Sciences Concentration:

BIOL 6333: Advanced Cell Biology and Proteomics

BIOL 6330 Comparative Genomics

BIMS 6324 Phytochemicals, Cancer and Disease

BIOL 6337 Computer Science for Bioinformatics


For more information about the Biological Sciences Programs, please contact Dr. Richard Gunasekera, Director of Biological Sciences-Graduate Studies at