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Undergraduate Programs: Computer Science - Information Systems Concentration

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This degree program is offered in all three locations: Victoria, Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch.

The Computer Information Systems concentration, offered in Victoria, Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch, is right for those students who know that they want to work in a business organization in a programming or non-programming, technical or management position including:

These students must have an interest in computers and business, and should want to pursue an interdisciplinary degree combining the two. There is great demand for people who know both computers and business.

Some of these students are looking for, mathematically speaking, a non-calculus based alternative ladder to a career in computing. On the other hand, we also have students in this concentration with calculus and beyond. Some of these students want to pursue graduate studies in Computer Information Systems, MIS, or a related area.

The lower division courses required include College Algebra and Finite Math, Business Calculus, Accounting I and II, and nine hours of programming selected from Pascal, C/C++, COBOL, Java, or Visual Basic, with at least 3 hours in C/C++ Programming (preferably 6). The upper division courses will come mainly from Computer Science, Information Systems, Business and some Mathematics.

The department is a member of the Microsoft Academic Alliance and the Oracle Academic Initiative programs. This gives students opportunities to work with the computer industry standards in software development.

UHV also offers a BAAS concentration in Computer Information Systems as well as a Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems.

Please contact for more information.