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Faculty: Beverly Tomek

Dr. Beverly Tomek

Adjunct Professor

B.A., Universtiy of Houston-Victoria
M.A. Southwest Texas State University
PhD., from the University of Houston (History)

Email: Click here

Resident Lecturer at UHV since 2007, Dr. Tomek teaches a number of upper division online courses in U.S. history, including U.S. Social History to 1865; The American Civil War; The American Revolution; The History of American Childhood; Race and Ethnicity in the American Identity; African-American Culture; The New South; The Violent Century: America, 1800-1900; The Age of Jackson; Slavery in the New World; and Civil Rights in the U.S.

She has presented papers at the American Historical Association, Organization of American Historians, Pennsylvania Historical Association, Western Conference of British Studies, and British and American Nineteenth Century Historians annual meetings and was an Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Fellow in African-American History at the Library Company of Philadelphia and an Andrew Mellon Fellow at the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Selected Publications:

Colonization and its Discontents: Emancipation, Emigration, and Antislavery in Antebellum Pennsylvania (New York University Press)

“Seeking ‘an immutable pledge from the slave holding states’: The Pennsylvania Abolition Society and Black Resettlement,” Winter 2008, Pennsylvania History;

“‘From motives of generosity, as well as self-preservation’: Thomas Branagan, Colonization, and the Gradual Emancipation Movement,” American Nineteenth Century History 6(2) June 2005.

She has also served as section editor on a number of major reference projects, including Heritage of Freedom: Free People of Color in the Americas,1492-1900 (Facts on File);The International Encyclopedia of Protest and Revolution: 1500 to Present (Blackwell Publishing); and the Encyclopedia of American Social Movements (M.E. Sharpe Inc.).