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Faculty: Craig Goodman

Dr. Craig Goodman

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Ph.D. from the University of Houston

Craig Goodman earned a Ph.D. from the University of Houston and joined the faculty at the University of Houston-Victoria in 2012 as an Assistant Professor of Political Science. His research and teaching interests are in American politics, especially Congress and the presidency. Currently, he is working on two major research projects. The first is a collaborative project exploring the messages that Members of Congress convey to their constituents via e-mail. In the second project, he explores how Congress developed and managed the process for deciding the fiscal policies of the United States.

Selected Publications:

Our State’s Never Had a Better Friend: Resource Allocation and Home Styles in the Senate. Forthcoming. Political Research Quarterly. (With David C.W. Parker)

Who Franks? Explaining the Allocation of Official Resources. 2010. Congress and the Presidency 37: 254-278. (With David C.W. Parker)

Making a Good Impression: Resource Allocation, Home Styles, and Washington Work. 2009. Legislative Studies Quarterly 34: 493-524. (With David C.W. Parker)