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Faculty: Mark Ward

 Mark Ward

Assistant Professor of Communication

B.A., University of Virginia M.A., Spring Arbor University Ph.D., Clemson University (expected Oct 2010)

Email: Click here

Phone: 361.570.4256

Victoria: UW 268

Over a career of more than 30 years Prof Ward has served as communications director for four national and international nonprofits and professional associations, been active in publishing and broadcasting, and previously taught at three universities.

As an independent writer he has published seven nonfiction books and more than 2000 feature articles for national trade and professional magazines, and as a broadcaster his experience spans local radio to national syndication. His research interests are wide-ranging and have explored the role of organizational and interpersonal communication in the Holocaust, how communities from religious believers to videogame players are built through shared speech codes and rhetorics, how designers and users of information socially construct its meaning, and the ethics of organizational and technical communication.

Selected Publications:

Ward, M., Sr. (in press). Air of the king: Evangelicals and radio. In R H. Woods (Ed.), Evangelicals and popular culture. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Ward, M., Sr. (2010). “I was saved at an early age”: An ethnography of fundamentalist speech and cultural performance. Journal of Communication and Religion, 33(1), 108-144.

Ward, Sr., M. (2010). Avatars and sojourners: Explaining the acculturation of newcomers to multiplayer online games as cross-cultural adaptations. Journal of Intercultural Communication [online journal], 23.

Ward, M., Sr. (2010). The banality of rhetoric? (Part 2) Alternate views of technical communication and the Holocaust. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 40(3), 311-336.

Ward, Sr., M. (2010). The ethic of exigence: Information design, postmodern ethics, and the Holocaust. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 24(1), 60-90.

Ward, Sr., M. (2009). Fundamentalist differences: Using ethnography of rhetoric (EOR) to analyze a community of practice. Intercultural Communication Studies, 18(1), 1-20.

Ward, Sr., M. (2009) Squaring the learning circle: Cross-classroom collaborations and the impact of audience on student outcomes in professional writing. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 23(1), 61-82.

Ward, Sr., M. (2009). The banality of rhetoric? Assessing Steven Katz’s “The ethic of expediency” against current scholarship on the Holocaust. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 39(1), 207-222.

Ward, Sr., M. (2009). Dark preachers: The impact of radio consolidation on independent religious syndicators. Journal of Media and Religion, 8(2), 79-96.

Ward, Sr., M. (2008). “Ordinary communicators”: A demonstration proposal to synthesize the Browning and Goldhagen Theses. Holocaust Studies, 14(2), 41-70.

Ward, Sr., M. (2008). The banality of culture? Reassessing the social science of the Goldhagen Thesis on its own terms. Holocaust Studies, 14(1), 1-34.

Ward, Sr., M. (2008). Independents’ day: Rhetoric, culture, and the history of gasoline marketing in the United States, 1958-2008. Journal of Oil-Industry History, 9, 121-142.