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Alumni Success Stories

Mary Klutts quote

Mary J. Klutts

MAIS, Chief Financial Officer for the Library of Congress

"You have to know how to deal with a lot of different people in my job. It helped that I was able to include studies in subjects such as psychology and history in addition to business and finance. That kind of diverse knowledge is essential in the day-to-day work that I do."

Stacey New quote

Stacey New

Bachelor of Arts

"I do a lot of research at the museum, and my UHV degree has been invaluable for that. I know how to research and relay information and stories to museum visitors[...] I've had to learn on the job how to do museum tasks like cataloging and preserving artifacts."

Thomas Brantley quote

Thomas Brantley

Bachelor of Arts, Developed Video Game App, Lux Protocol

In designing Lux Protocol, Brantley used lessons learned from taking gaming classes taught by Alireza Tavakkoli, assistant professor in the UHV School of Arts & Sciences and director of the university's digital gaming and simulation program.