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Student Support

Student Support Services

The University of Houston-Victoria offers a variety of student support resources. We encourage you to make use of these resources and contact them for any support they need.

Academic Advisors

Each of the academic schools has advisors who help students with schedules, classes and transfer credit. Find the advisor for your school, and give them a call.

If you aren’t sure who to call, contact Denee Thomas, Senior Director, Enrollment Management and Retention, at (361) 570-4149 or toll free at 877-970-4848, ext. 4149. She, or any member of her staff, can personally guide you through the applications, admissions, registration and financial aid processes.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is the university’s writing lab and tutoring center, and we’d like to invite you to come in whenever you’re on campus. It’s a warm and friendly place that offers support in writing, math and other subjects you’ll need to have a successful college career. Tutors are students who have successfully completed the courses they’re tutoring and have received extensive training in the art and practice of tutoring. They provide their assistance both face to face and online via e-mail. Writing tutors earn College Reading and Learning Association certification at the Regular, Advanced and Master Tutor levels

The Student Success Center also is the university’s testing center, which proctors make-up exams in case you miss regularly scheduled tests in your classes. They organize and proctor the state certification exams for teachers, as well as the TSI Assessment, LSAT and Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Subject test, among others. For more information about the Student Success Center, call (361) 570-4288 or toll free at (877) 970-4848, ext. 4288.

Career Services and Student Employment

Also a part of the Student Success Center, the Office of Career Services offers help with career exploration, career planning and job searching. They also offer career fairs and other special events. For more information, call (361) 570-4369 or toll free at (877) 970-4848, ext. 4369.

Letting Education Achieve Dreams (LEAD) and Student Recruitment

The Letting Education Achieve Dreams initiative is designed to provide personal guidance and assistance to students as they move through the process of starting their higher education careers.

LEAD and Student Recruitment staff can help students apply for admission, seek financial aid, register for classes and navigate the world of college, which represents unexplored territory for many families.

LEAD and Student Recruitment staff members also keep in touch with students to help them overcome any obstacles that arise during their higher education careers. If you could use a little extra help entering and succeeding in the college world, contact Billy Lagal, Manager of Letting Education Achieve Dreams (LEAD) and Student Recruitment, at (361) 570-4865, toll free at (877) 970-4848, ext. 4865, or by e-mail at

You can also contact any member of the LEAD and Student Recruitment staff, and we will be happy to assist you.

Counseling Center

College studies and the demands of adulthood present many challenges as well as opportunities. UHV offers students the necessary resources to realize more, new and greater possibilities while addressing concerns that interfere with academic success and occupational attainment. Our counseling center offers a broad range of services to enrolled students known to individually and collectively improve the quality of life, levels of accomplishment and personal growth. For more information, call the University Counseling Center at (361) 570-4135.