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Telecommunications Services

Telecom Procedure


The University of Houston - Victoria Information Technology (IT), supplies and/or coordinates voice/telephone services for all of the University of Houston-Victoria campus.

All extension numbers are 4 digits long. They can either be DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or non-DID numbers. DID numbers are those that can be called from outside the university, for example (361) 570-4389 is Ext. 4389. Non-DID numbers are extensions that can only be reached directly from on campus or from a transfer from within UHV, for example x1611 or x1410.


IT provides telephone equipment to faculty/staff with either single or multi-line digital services using Optiset phones, a product of Siemens. Optiset phones provide features such as: HOLD, CONFERENCE, FORWARD, SPEAKER, TRANSFER, PICK. IT can provide analog services when necessary for fax, modems and other analog devices. IT only maintains the digital phones.

Maintenance of fax, modem and other analog devices are the responsibility of the department or school.

Long Distance

Long Distance (LD) Authorization Codes can be requested by faculty and staff with an IT "Change in Service" Work Order Request form located on the UHV website under Telecommunications. Long distance codes can be restricted to LD calling withinthe United States. Long distance authorization codes are provided via the approval from the department head/School Dean.


Phonemail can be requested by faculty and staff with an IT Work Order Request form. Phonemail boxes come with a capacity of 10 messages, including saved messages. Additional storage space for Phonemail boxes is available upon request by dialing x4389. Excessive storage space requests may result in additional charges to the department/school.

Telephone, Phone Mail and Long Distance Services are provided for staff and faculty for approved UHV usage only. All these services are charged back to the employee's school or department.

Requesting Telecommunication Services

Requests for voice service should be coordinated with the department head/School Dean. An approved Work Order Request is required for a new, add or change in services. Dial 4389 to report service problem.

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