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Book Reviews,Exercise II: Identifying Parts of a Concluding Paragraph

Fill in the blank with the appropriate letter (a, b and c) from Part III. Conclusion of the outline. The letter in the blank should describe all information in the sentence(s) immediately preceding it. Answers can be found at the bottom of this page.

Writing About Literature proves to be a valuable resource to students who are studying literature and grasping to understand the process of writing about it (__). In this book, Roberts presents students with a well-organized writing guide that is easily navigable. The book is arranged according to chapters, with each chapter focusing on a different general topic for writing about literature. The book is also extremely useful due to its clear explanations. Descriptions, tips and examples are included in every chapter. The book’s comprehensiveness is revealed in its ability to effectively cover 17 general writing topics, leaving students with opportunities that are limitless (__).The work stands out above many other less logically organized guides as an offering of practical knowledge in the field (__).

Answers: b, a, c

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