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Annotated Bibliography, Example 2

Annotation Style: Begins on Same Line
Citation Style: MLA

Note that the formatting on this page does not accurately represent MLA style in terms of spacing and indenting. Please consult our MLA Quick Reference Guide for additional information.

Bielawski, Larry, and A. Franklin Parks. Organizational Writing. Belmont: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1987. Organizational Writing is designed to present practical information on the writing process and to provide descriptions on several types of writing situations that a business writer is likely to encounter. Chapters 1-4 guide the writer through the writing process from analyzing business situations, to prewriting and planning to the final steps in composition. Chapters 5-21 provide descriptions of several types of business writing situations, including sales letters, proposals and feasibility reports. Organizational Writing is designed as a comprehensive guide for business writers.


The annotation written for the source listed above is a short annotation that focuses on only one of the points mentioned in the General Information section of this packet – it identifies the focus of the book and provides a summary of it accordingly.

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