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Writing Across the Curriculum (or Common Assignments)

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is an academic movement emphasizing the importance of communication in the professional world and promoting writing as a learning tool in all fields of study.

Some assignments (e.g., annotated bibliographies, book and literature reviews, research papers, etc.) are common in many fields of study, while others (e.g., case analyses, lab reports, etc.) are more common in certain fields (e.g., case analysis are most common in business; lab reports are most common in science, and so on). You'll find handouts on many of these topics below.

***Featured Resources***

Whether you're writing a research paper, annotated bibliography, case analysis, or some other assignment, you'll need to avoid plagiarizing. See our handout on avoiding plagiarism and an audio-visual presentation on understanding plagiarism .

Research papers are perhaps the most commonly assigned paper that fits into the WAC category. Visit our selection of handouts related to writing research papers.

Annotated Bibliographies

Book Reviews

Case Analysis

A Checklist for Scientific Writing

Essay Exams

Lab Reports

Literature Reviews

Persuasive/Argument Papers

Response Papers

Research Papers

***Related Resources***

Handouts and resources in other categories will also be useful to you if you've been asked to write one of the assignments mentioned above. See our handouts on Researching and Citing, the Writing Process, Document Design and Formatting, and Grammar, Punctuation, and Style for additional resources that may help you draft your papers.

What other resources are available to you?

As a UHV student, there are many resources about writing across the curriculum available to you. You can find resources in the Student Success Center, the VC/UHV Library, and on the World Wide Web. In the Student Success Center alone, you can find 80 text resources available that relate to writing across the curriculum, and the VC/UHV Library has many more.