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Student Services


The Student Success Center, located in Suite 129 of University West building, offers writing assistance, subject-area tutoring, testing services, instructional handouts (both in print and online), and a grammar tip of the week to UHV students.


Writing Assistance
The Student Success Center has staff available to review student papers, faculty publications, university documents, and other written work. During sessions with the tutors, individuals may discuss a paper that is in progress. Tutors will offer a critical response to a draft and make suggestions for revision. Students may have their papers reviewed by Student Success Center personnel in either a face-to-face session or an online session. A Mini-Tutorial: Viewing and Printing Tutor Comments is available online for students submitting documents to online tutors.


Subject-area Assistance
The Student Success Center provides subject area tutoring if requested by students and/or faculty in areas such as biology, mathematics, psychology, and computer science. During sessions with the tutors, individuals may discuss concerns related to courses that are in progress.


Testing Services
The Center provides academic and certification testing services. Students can schedule correspondence exams throughout the year by contacting the Student Success Center Assistant. We work closely with the issuing institution to ensure test security and academic integrity. Faculty can also refer students to the assistant for makeup exams, which are provided on an appointment basis to students attending UHV. The Student Success Center’s staff administers the  Quick THEA, TOPT, TASC, TExES/ExCET, TExES iBT, LSAT, HSRT, Subject-Area GRE, and certification exams through Castle Worldwide and ISO Quality Testing. Students can also take the practice diagnostic PPR & GEN tests for the SoEHD. Call the Center for more information and to make an appointment.



Information Resources
The Student Success Center provides a number of instructional handouts that may assist you with both your academic and professional writing. The handouts are organized into various groups or "centers," including business communication, documentation style, grammar and punctuation, English as a foreign language, research paper, writing across the curriculum, and writing and the job search.