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Online Tutoring

The Student Success Center offers online tutoring in writing, in statistics, and math.


In addition to providing writing tutoring by appointment and on a drop-in basis, the Center also offers online tutoring.

To send a paper for online tutoring, you must first register in WCOnline, our appointment system. You will register only one time during the semester, although you’ll return to WCOnline each time you want to send a document for tutoring. When registering, you must use your UHV student email account address.

  1. Registration is easy. Just go to and choose “Click here” to register. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to log into the system using your email address and password. Please note, you must use your UHV email address.
  2. To submit a paper for online tutoring, choose a “Writing Tutoring” schedule (any location).
  3. Then, select Click here! where prompted in the question "Looking for Online Tutoring? Click here."
  4. A form will appear in a pop up. Complete the fields in the form and attach your document at the end. (Microsoft Word 95 or above is the preferred program for tutoring; however, you also may submit your documents in Microsoft Works.)
  5. Finally, click “Send e-Tutoring Request.” You will receive a confirmation notice within one business day of the receipt of your email. Also, we'd like to encourage you to add to your address book or friends list to ensure that automatic reply messages and tutor responses are not inadvertently sent to a bulk mail or spam folder.

Please note that you cannot send a document to us from within WebCT.

Response Time: For documents under ten pages (most undergraduate documents), tutors will respond within two and three business days early in the semester (Jan./Feb., Aug./Sept.) and between four and five business days later in the semester (March/April/May, Oct./Nov./Dec.).

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Tutoring

What are the hours of the online tutors?
The online tutors are typically available Monday through Friday morning to review papers emailed to the Center. Realize, therefore, that if you submit your paper Friday afternoon through Sunday night, we won't receive it until Monday. You do not need an appointment for email online tutoring.

How do I prepare for an online tutorial?
You can prepare for your online tutoring session in several ways:

  • Allow time for the document to be tutored (don’t expect the document to be tutored the hour after you send it),
  • Remember that some documents may need to be tutored more than once; allow extra time in your writing schedule for these documents,
  • Include your audience, purpose, and assignment guidelines in your email message to the tutor,
  • Include your overall concerns about your paper in your email message to the tutor,
  • Be sure to follow the guidelines about which programs to use and what to include in the subject line and body of your email message.

What will the tutors do once they receive my paper?

  • For documents under ten pages (most undergraduate documents), tutors will respond within two and three business days early in the semester (Jan./Feb., Aug./Sept.) and between four and five business days later in the semester (March/April/May, Oct./Nov./Dec.).
  • Tutors will respond within 10 days for papers 10 pages or more (most graduate-level papers).
  • Tutors will contact you for papers more than 50 pages (i.e. theses, thesis projects, long case analyses, etc) to set up a reasonable return schedule.
  • They will point out areas of concern.
  • They may discuss organization, style, or documentation.
  • They will answer questions about grammar.
  • They will point out repeated grammatical, mechanical, and punctuation errors.

Tutors will not write your papers or “fix” all the errors in a paper.

When will the tutored version of my paper be returned to me?
Generally, short documents (ten pages or fewer) will be returned within two and three business days early in the semester (Jan./Feb., Aug./Sept.) and between four and five business days later in the semester (March/April/May, Oct./Nov./Dec.). Documents ten pages or longer will be returned in approximately ten business days. For papers more than 50 pages, a tutor will contact you to set up a reasonable return schedule. You may need to allow extra time during peak periods of the semester, which generally occur when research papers are due. Please understand that occasionally papers may get lost in transmission. If you do not receive a reply within the time period outlined above, please contact us at (361) 570-4291.

What kind of response will I receive back from the tutors?
The tutors will send you back an email with general comments about your paper. Your paper will be attached to the email. If you have a recent version of Word (version 2000 or higher), the tutored version of your paper may have words, phrases, or sentences highlighted. Tutors will highlight sections of text that they have questions or comments about. Upon highlighting a section, they will also insert a comment, telling you why they are concerned about the word(s) or sentence.

Should I make changes to the tutored version or the original document?
You will want to make changes on your original document and not on the tutored version.

How many times can I submit a paper?
You can submit a paper as many times as you like during the semester. However, we ask that you limit your submissions to one per day. We want you to be able to have time to analyze tutor comments and revise effectively. We also want everyone to have the opportunity to receive prompt feedback. You are not limited to a certain maximum number of tutorials per semester.

What do I do with the tutor's suggestions?
Once you have left a face-to-face tutorial or received comments via email, consider the tutoring sessions and the concerns you discussed and determine what, if any, changes you think you should make. You may take any or all of the tutor's suggestions, or you may take none. If you are unsure of a suggestion, you might take your paper to another tutor for a different perspective, take it to your instructor, or decide on your own what you want to do.

What if I still have questions about a paper after it's been tutored and emailed back to me?
If you have further questions about a paper, you can schedule an appointment in the Student Success Center for a face-to-face tutoring session. You can also send the paper back to us via email after you have made revisions. Online tutoring sessions, like the face-to-face sessions, are limited to one per day.

Will my paper be ready for me to submit to my instructor after a tutoring session?
In face-to-face or online tutoring sessions, you assume sole responsibility for the final product. Also, formatting changes might occur during the email process and can change the paper's layout. After you've made your revisions, review your paper before you submit the final copy to your instructor.

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Adobe Connect is web conferencing software that enables students to speak directly with math and computer science tutors from anywhere with an Internet connection.

A webcam and microphone are recommended, but not required. No software downloads are necessary, but your web browser should be running the latest version of Flash.

Adobe Connect virtual tutoring is only available by appointment. Please e-mail for more information.

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Send emails to
Include your instructor's name, your class, and information about the problem (including your work) in the email message.
Response time: two to three business days

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