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Writing Assistance

The Student Success Center has staff available to review student papers, faculty publications, university documents, and other written work.

During sessions with the tutors, individuals may discuss a paper that is in progress. Tutors will offer a critical response to a draft, ask questions about your intentions, and make suggestions for revision. The tutors will help you look at your paper critically and give you feedback and constructive suggestions. You will then be able to analyze your writing and make appropriate choices. We will schedule appointments with you face-to-face to review papers you have written for a class, or you may email your papers to the Center for tutoring.

General information about face-to-face tutoring and online tutoring can be found at:

The Student Guide to Student Success Center Services (PDF 356 KB)is a print-friendly version of the general information available from the two links above.

Additionally, the Student Success Center has course-specific student guides to the center's services. If you're taking one of the following courses, we recommend viewing and printing out these guides instead of reading the general information. Course guides are available for:

A Mini-Workshop: Viewing and Printing Tutor Comments is available online for students submitting documents to online tutors.

See also . . . Removing Comments in Microsoft Word (PDF 154 KB). This file provides directions for removing comments within Microsoft Word documents. Please note, however, that we encourage you to make changes on your original document and not on the tutored version.

You can also learn about the Student Success Center peer tutors or how to apply to become a peer tutor.