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Draft Your Introduction

Include a Surprising Statistic

You may want to state a startling statistic that you’ve discovered in your research. This statistic should relate to the thesis of your paper. This strategy may be best employed when you can make the statistic personally relevant to your reader.

During 1997, 798,378 immigrants were legally admitted into the United States; over sixty-five percent of these immigrants originated from countries where English is not the primary language (United States 1998). These numbers only indicate those legally admitted into the country. As of October 1996, an estimated 5.0 million immigrants were living illegally in the U.S., and in eighteen of the top twenty countries where illegal immigration occurs, English is not spoken as a primary language (Immigration 1997). These millions of immigrants coming to the U.S. usually seek to become acclimated to American society, and an important part of becoming a part of any society is the learning of the dominate language. Someone has to teach these individuals English. The task of teaching English to adult immigrants so often falls upon local literacy councils. This paper informs adult education instructors within those councils about pronunciation difficulties people learning English as a foreign language encounter.