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Draft Your Introduction

Review the Literature

You may want to review books and articles that relate to your topic. Generally, in short papers, you’ll want to keep this review brief. Longer papers may have an entire section devoted to literature review. You can use a literature review to explain scholarship on your topic and how that scholarship bears on your topic. For example, you may show how your thesis contributes to or disagrees with the research.

Distance learning, or to be more specific web-based learning, is on the rise across the nation, prompting some theorists to consider if a new pedagogy is needed for web-based learning. Teubeaux (1995), Keirgan (1998), Peterson (1989), Berg (1999), and Parroton (2001), argue for a new pedagogy. On the other hand, theorists such as Market (2002), Reeves (1996), Cusners (1997), and Lawrenson (2000), posit that a new pedagogy is not needed because pedagogy does not change from a traditional to a web-based learning environment. In this essay, I contribute to the literature that a new pedagogy is not needed for a web-based learning environment by showing how current pedagogy can be adapted to the web-based learning environment.